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Garden June 7

from a vision

In May 2017, Mickleton Methodist Church received a Bronze EcoChurch Award for its work in raising environmental awareness across all aspects of church work. Concern for Creation is regularly encouraged in church and fellowship meetings, FairTrade products are used and sold, 100% renewable energy is sourced from 'Good Energy' and LED lamps fitted throughout, batteries, stamps, mobile phones, printer cartridges and spectacles are collected and recycled, and concern for the environment is demonstrated through links with WorkAID, support for solar lamps in Kenya and, more recently, toilet twinning.

However the online assessment required to apply for the award suggested we might rethink our use of church land - in particular the large lawn behind the church.


3Bs team Bench



The Dixon Trust
Cotswold Seeds NatureSave

First Board

We are indebted to the Dixon Trust for a grant to purchase the notice boards and educational displays.

to a reality

After further discussion Church Council agreed that we should explore the possibility of developing a Community Wildlife Garden.
A project proposal was prepared, almost 1000 leaflets distributed around the village and funding application submitted. The concept was to redevelop the large lawn into an attractive community garden connecting people with nature (the United Nations World Environment Day theme for 2017). Appropriately named the 'Three Bees' the garden would be an pleasant place in the centre of the village to sit and relax or have lunch, and an attractive wildlife habitat for bees, butterflies and other wildlife. So with generous grants from the Greggs Foundation and NatureSave we have purchased Plaswood tables and benches made from 100% recycled plastic and, with the support of Cotswold Seeds in Moreton, planted two mini wildflower meadows.


front plot
Jogn Mary