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Creator God

We look in wonder
at all you have made

But remind us:
the earth does not belong to us;
we belong to the earth.

And remind us:
the earth, and all that is in it
belongs to you.

You confront us with such beauty,
and such power
And such responsibility.

Teach us, O Creator God
to respect this planet, our home.
to live carefuly within the web of life
and to give you the glory.


Iona Community

Dream Church . . .

Make us the Church of my dreams
The Church of the warm heart
Of the open mind
Of the adventurous spirit

The Church that cares
That heals hurt lives
That comforts old people
That challenges youth;

That knows no divisions of culture or class
No forntiers, geographcal r social
The Church that enquires as well as affirms,
That looks forward as well as backward;

The Church of the Master
The Church of the people;

High as the ideals of Jesus,
Low as the humblest human;

A working Church
A worshiping Church,
A winsome Church;

A Church that interprets truth
in terms of truth;

That inspires courage for this life
and hope for the life to come;

A Church of courage;
A Church of all good mean and women
The Church of the living God.

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